About us

About us

Combine ‘continuity’ with our IT knowledge & expertise and you get the core of who we are. We stand for the continuous and optimal functioning of the infrastructure and applications that make up your business. We have a clear focus on monitoring and act as a knowledge center in Belgium. How do we know what you need? It’s our speciality.

Persistence, Quality and Innovation. Without compromise.

What started with 3 people back in 2008, quickly grew and became the company we are today. Our team is driven, eager to learn and persistent. From R&D projects that spontaneously start in someone’s living room to interesting discussions at the office – we continuously grow our expertise and make no compromises. We set the standard, and this ensures qualitative and innovative services for you.

Who we are?

Continu-IT is a competence center of Hestia, which in turn is part of Uptime Group. We are part of Cronos Group. Each company is focused on its own core business and has a distinct individuality. Besides our individual service, we team up to your benefit.

As we’re always looking for the right fit for you, we pride ourselves in working with different partners.