Custom enterprise monitoring solutions.

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Our #1 services

We alleviate your workload with proactive & complete monitoring solutions and services.

We keep an eye on what's happening in your environment and minimize downtime by identifying & analyzing performance problems.

Monitoring as a service
Monitoring as a service

We set up, configure, maintain and modulate monitoring solutions on different levels in your environment. All easily accessible through

Events as a service
Events as a service

We provide a flexible follow-up of events, without additional on-premise monitoring tools. Events are locally generated and we treat & resolve possible issues.

Compliance of servers
Compliance of servers

We manage, patch and enforce compliance of servers. Our experience takes this cumbersome and time-consuming work off your hands.

On-site monitoring
On-site monitoring

We set up and maintain different monitoring solutions in your environment.


We are on standby, 24/7. No matter the issue, we work proactive and take timely, effective action to avoid incidents.

Log in to our portal and stay on top of your monitored environment.

Easy to use dashboards, maps, notifications and schedules, all within reach.

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We support you all the way!

Want to start with monitoring? Already have a setup, but it doesn’t match your needs?

Whether you’re having organizational, business, technical or operational challenges, you can rely on us. We listen and go through your internal processes together. We make an in-depth assessment of the situation and suggest a practical solution in line with yours.

As a knowledge center, we’re like a breath of fresh air, we support you all the way. We assist with questions and have experienced engineers to assist in the development and implementation of new checks, plugins and integrations.

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